Starch With 100% Amylose

January 31st 2022

Plantcarb, spin out, start up for starch with 100% amylose.

Plantcarb ApS is a plant biotechnological spin out from Aarhus University and University of Copenhagen established by (among others) two scientists who – as the only ones in the world – have developed a method for producing agricultural crops whose starch consists of 100% amylose. Starch is composed of two kinds of molecules. One type branches off and is called amylopectin (~ 75%). The other does not branch out and is called amylose. The two forms have very different properties. Unlike amylopectin, amylose does not dissolve in the stomach for sugar. Amylose therefore prevents type-2 diabetes. And unlike amylopectin, amylose is an excellent raw material for compostable bioplastics. Plantcarb focuses on both food and industry. For food, a 100% amylose crop (HIAMBA®) is developed to be used for flour for bread. For industrial use, a variant of 100% amylose maize is bred.

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