Ingredion Launches Organic Functional Native Starches

June 14th 2018

Ingredion launches NOVATION PRIMA 309 and 609 organic functional native starches.

Product developers now can achieve organic positioning in food systems that require harsh processing conditions and cold temperature stability.

Ingredion Incorporated, an innovative global provider of ingredient solutions to diversified industries, announces two new certified-organic additions to its line of functional clean-label starches for the U.S. and Canada, NOVATION PRIMA® 309 and 609. The organic functional native corn starches enable manufacturers to create a superior eating experience that boasts extended visual, sensory and cost appeal. The starches are designed to perform in organic products that undergo harsh process conditions and require high freeze/thaw stability, such as organic savory foods, alternative-dairy products and baby foods.

NOVATION PRIMA 309 and 609 organic native corn starches provide a comparable viscosity and gel strength to modified starches, yet qualify for a simple, “organic corn starch” label while providing cold-temperature stability. The certified-organic corn starches are unique, providing both process tolerance and cold-temperature stability. The starches create a smooth, short texture that, once cooked, do not set to a gel or cause syneresis, even after several freeze/thaw cycles.

“Consumer demand for clean-label organic products, especially organic baby foods, continues to grow at a strong pace,” notes Pat O’Brien, senior manager of marketing for the Wholesome springboard at Ingredion Incorporated, North America. “With a large number of corn starches on the market derived from conventional sources, having certified organic, clean-label functional corn starches available with NOVATION PRIMA 309 and 609 is a significant benefit for manufacturers and consumers. The starches perform even in cold temperatures and maintain stability throughout freeze/thaw cycles to create appealing flavors and textures, making the products an indispensable part of the product developer’s tool kit.”

Ingredion conducted proprietary research to assess consumer preferences for organic ingredients. Consumers in the study told us they “prefer organic corn starch” over its non-organic counterpart and perceive organic corn starch as being “good for their health.”

“With the increased level of trust consumers have around products labeled as organic, we are passionate about creating the innovative organic solutions manufacturers need to stay ahead. With NOVATION PRIMA 309 and 609 organic functional native corn starches, food developers are now able to meet consumer demand for clean, organic product labels with foods that hold their texture and maintain flavor in the refrigerator or freezer,” says Igor Playner, vice president of innovation and strategy for Ingredion Incorporated, North America. “Manufacturers can also now simplify their organic labels by removing other texturizers that may no longer be needed.”

NOVATION PRIMA 309 and 609 organic functional native corn starches can be used to improve product stability, shelf life and the eating experience across a full range of applications, including refrigerated soups, refrigerated/frozen ready meals, sauces, yogurts, dairy and alternative dairy yogurts, drinkable yogurts, non-dairy desserts, ice creams, puddings, fruit preparations and baby foods. NOVATION PRIMA 309 and 609 organic functional native corn starches are certified by Quality Assurance International and can be used in “Organic” or “Certified Organic” labeled foods. And for extra peace of mind, the starches are Non-GMO Project Verified.


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