Ingredion Launches New Modified Waxy Potato Starch

March 24th 2021

Ingredion launches ULTRA-TEX 1311 modified potato starch for indulgent textures made faster and better.

Ingredion Incorporated, a leading global provider of ingredient solutions to diversified industries, today announced a new addition to its extensive range of potato-based solutions for the U.S. and Canada, ULTRA-TEX® 1311 modified potato starch.

The waxy, instant starch offers food manufacturers a new way to create premium products with enhanced product appeal and cost savings potential. ULTRA-TEX 1311 modified potato starch can be used in a wide variety of traditional and alternative formulations to create indulgent textures, improve stability vs. native potato starch, or replace oil without compromising sensory appeal. The starch is especially ideal for plant-based, low-fat, reduced-fat, better-for-you and keto-friendly applications.

The easy-to-use starch exhibits high process tolerance and viscosity, excellent water-holding capacity and shelf life stability, and superior clarity in formulations. The sensory profile of ULTRA-TEX 1311 modified potato starch is characterized by a smooth, creamy texture, a rich mouthfeel and a clean flavor. Ideal applications for the ingredient include dairy desserts, bakery/fruit fillings, spreadable, spoonable and pourable dressings, sauces and other savory applications.

“The launch of ULTRA-TEX 1311 modified potato starch exemplifies Ingredion’s commitment to expanding our potato capabilities,” said John Zou, Ingredion’s business director, Potato Starch. “With our legacy Penford and Western Polymer knowledge and expertise, food manufacturers now have another potato-based option for creating differentiated products with consumer appeal and cost savings potential.”

Ingredion’s instant ULTRA-TEX 1311 modified potato starch can help eliminate cooking and shorten processing times, allowing food manufacturers to save energy, time and capital equipment costs while realizing higher production rates. The new starch can also enable cost savings and enhance nutrition in formulations by replacing fats, oils or building back texture when eggs are removed.

The ingredient’s superb thickening properties can lower overall usage levels of starch up to 30%. When used in dressings, ULTRA-TEX 1311 modified potato starch offers a potential fat reduction of up to 30%, providing manufacturers a broader range of options for replacing fat without compromising mouthfeel and texture.

ULTRA-TEX 1311 modified potato starch is sourced locally in the U.S. and is made from an ingredient (potato) that is widely accepted and recognized by consumers. Labeled as modified potato starch or food starch modified, it can support a number of appealing package claims, such as “non-corn,” “non-GMO” and “non-grain.” It’s also free from gluten at the source, does not require allergen labeling and is compatible with vegetarian, vegan, kosher and halal diets.

“Ingredion’s new modified potato starch opens new possibilities for food manufacturers to formulate more indulgent, healthier products that are clean in flavor, higher in viscosity vs. other starches and have improved clarity,” said Mabel Chacko, Ingredion’s project leader. “With Ingredion’s deep application and formulation expertise and a full range of potato texturizers, manufacturers have the knowhow they need to build-back texture, create winning consumer sensory experiences and save money.”


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