Cargill Launches Unique Starch to Achieve 50% Fat Reduction in Yogurt

November 26th 2015

Cargill launch starch enabling a minimum of 50% fat reduction in yogurt.

Dairy manufacturers can now achieve the optimal balance between healthier profiles and sensorial indulgence when reducing fat in yogurt, a core food in most European consumers’ diets. C*CreamTex06329 modified starch is a unique patent pending starch solution that enables a minimum of 50% fat reduction with minimal impact on the taste and mouthfeel of yogurt.

A stabilized n-OSA starch, C*CreamTex06329 modified starch was specifically designed by Cargill’s technical experts through a proprietary technology patent to improve the texture and rheological behavior of the finished product.

“Yogurt has become an irreplaceable component of the European diet. In particular, fat-reduced yogurt has grown to become a top seller in the overall dairy health and wellness segment,” says Denis Palacioglu, EMEA starch product manager for Cargill Texturizing Solutions.

“If we look closely at this segment, we can see that fat reduction is by far the most popular option in health and wellness yogurt. But we also know that, while increasingly looking for healthier options with fewer calories and less sugar, consumers do not want to forsake the sensorial aspects connected with eating dairy, preferring those products that are both good for you and offer a creamy, silky-smooth texture. Certainly not an easy combination to achieve for dairy manufacturers.”

The uniqueness of C*CreamTex06329 modified starch lies precisely in the perfect balance between technical effectiveness and sensorial aptitude: it is a distinctive starch solution that enables higher fat reduction while meeting consumers’ taste preference, by recreating the profile of full-fat yogurt.

“The Hydroxypropyl (HP) starches currently on the market cannot match full-fat yogurt’s sensorial profile: that preferred, traditional flavor of yogurt is often lost when we replace fat with starch,” explains Fabien Bouron, senior dairy application specialist at Cargill Texturizing Solutions. “Through our dairy lab research, done via both rheological tests and sensory panels, we identified a clear gap in terms of creaminess, mouth thickness and shine when using HP starches, with a high degree of undesirable stickiness. So we developed a new technology and created C*CreamTex06329 modified starch to offer our customers the opportunity to fill that gap and achieve a greater level of fat reduction in their recipes. Additionally, being a starch-based solution, it is a reliable, cost-effective and non-animal derived fat replacer.”

A truly innovative solution, C*CreamTex06329 modified starch will be presented at Food Ingredients Europe (December 1-3 in Paris Nord Villepinte) where it will be available for sampling in a comparative tasting with full-fat yogurt.

C*CreamTex06329 modified starch is a texturizing starch. Texturizing starches are part of Cargill Texturizing Solutions’ unique portfolio of texturizers and emulsifiers, which includes a vast range of starches, lecithins, pectins, carrageenans, alginates, xanthans, locust bean gums and functional systems. This large portfolio, coupled with global R&D and supply chain capabilities, allows Cargill to help customers manage both the product development and supply chain challenges associated with formulating or reformulating products.



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