Avebe Reports “Best Performance Price So Far” in 14/15

November 19th 2015

Avebe takes another good step in 14/15: ‘best performance price so far’.

In financial year 2014/2015 Cooperative Avebe achieved a performance price of 78.41 euros. This is the highest performance price achieved so far (2013/2014: 75.07 euros).

The performance price combines the potato money paid to the members and the net result. That makes it the cooperative’s most important financial indicator.

The cooperative result totals 11.8 million euros (13/14 8.3). Gross turnover totalled 559.6 million euros (13/14: 579.9).

The 2014 harvest year was a year of extremes. The conditions in part of Avebe’s work area were optimal, and an above-average starch yield per hectare was achieved. In other areas there was a lot of rainfall in the spring. As a result the yield per hectare was much lower in those areas.

The average high volume of potato starch exerted downward pressure on the price of native starch.

The strategy chosen by Avebe starts to bear fruit. Avebe is continuing to work on extending its position in the market for high quality applications of potato starch and protein, mainly in food.

The strategy includes a number of objectives to be achieved in 2018. “We’re now half-way through the period and are making good progress, but we’re not there yet”, says CEO Bert Jansen. Some more important steps will have to be taken in the years to come. Jansen is confident about this: “The current strategy is founded on four pillars: Market Orientation, Innovation, Sustainability and Cost Control.”

Approximately 93% of the performance price has been paid out directly to the members. A subsequent payment of 1.75 euros per ton of potatoes on fully delivered shares, totalling 4.35 million euros, will be proposed at the members’ council meeting of 16 December.


Source: http://www.avebe.com/news/

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