9th Starch World Asia

November 28th 2019

9th Starch World Asia.

Key Highlights:

  • An update on the Cassava Mosaic Disease, extent of the damage and how the industry is tackling this issue
  • Changing dynamics of the Thai root market and implications for starch and chip producers
  • Key Role of Tapioca Fiber in the Fast Growing Healthy Processed Food Market
  • Development and breakthrough of novel waxy tapioca starch and trends on clean food solution
  • Promoting circularity concept in the production of amino acids from cassava – the biocycle concept
  • Beverage trends in Asia & the bubble tea phenomenon – We examine the proliferation of bubble tea houses  and how it affects demand for tapioca starch
  • Innovative technology that slows starch digestibility in carbohydrate diet
  • Sustainable starch based polymers & opportunities in Asia
  • Transitioning towards the production of higher value added products from cassava
  • Bioplastics from cassava – Indonesian perspective
  • China Waxy Corn Starch production & supply for the modified starch industry
  • Wastewater treatment in the starch industry – Taking the lead from Thailand
  • High amylose wheat : Opportunity to raise resistant starch levels in foods

Source: https://www.cmtevents.com/aboutevent.aspx?ev=200207&

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