Revolutionary Ingredion Starch to Reduce Costs in Cheese Products

April 12th 2017

Ingredion launches PRECISA® 680 starch for yield improvement in cheese products.

Ingredion has announced for the U.S. and Canada a revolutionary new starch solution – PRECISA 680 starch – to enable cheese manufacturers to save costs, maintain texture and improve performance without compromising valuable whey streams.

PRECISA 680 starch is retained in the product, providing increased yield in cheese products, Greek style yogurts, quark and cream cheese-type products. The company states that it can be labeled as “modified food starch” and that it’s currently being launched in the US and Canada.

Adding PRECISA 680 starch to milk at the onset of the manufacturing process, cheese manufacturers can increase yield by 8 to 10%. PRECISA 680 starch can be used in cheese products, cream cheese-type products, flavored fresh cheeses, low-fat cheeses and cheese products. The modified food starch is based on waxy maize and is non-GMO.

“Manufacturers using the traditional cheese making process (whey separation) continue to look for ways to make high quality products for less, without compromising the valuable whey stream or textures familiar to consumers.” said Luc Bertram, Ingredion’s vice president of global wholesome and texture springboards. “This innovative solution is easy to incorporate into the traditional cheese manufacturing process and does not require any capital investment, creating opportunities for sales volume increases and access to new markets.”

The company notes the following advantages to customers: • For manufactures using the traditional cheesemaking process (whey separation). • Increase yield without compromising whey stream. • Optimize milk solids and costs – with a non-GMO starch solution that is retained in the cheese curd. • Maintain or improve cheese texture and functionality. • No process change needed – easy to incorporate into the traditional cheese manufacturing process with no capital investment required.



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