Chinese, Pakistani Enterprises Sign MoU To Build Potato Starch Plant In Pakistan

June 11th 2024

Chinese, Pakistani enterprises sign MoU to build potato starch plant in Pakistan.

In a significant move towards strengthening economic ties between Pakistan and China, leading enterprises from both countries Henan Ruzhou Ideal Starch and KASB Corporation of Pakistan, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to construct a state-of-the-art potato starch plant in Pakistan.

This strategic partnership aims to leverage the abundant potato resources available in the region and cater to the growing demand for this versatile agricultural product, said Ghulam Qadir Trade and Investment Counsellor at the Embassy of Pakistan in China.

Ghulam Qadir Trade and Investment Counsellor said after the fruitful visit of Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif to China, business-to-business collaboration is enhancing.

This MoU will harness the expertise and technological prowess of the Chinese partners, ensuring the efficient and sustainable production of high-quality potato starch. This venture is expected to not only bolster Pakistan’s agricultural sector but also contribute to the region’s overall economic development, China Economic Net (CEN) reported.

According to the MoU between the two enterprises memorandum of understanding will provide a new cooperation mechanism for both parties, covering knowledge sharing, technology transfer, capacity building, project management, and investment promotion in the fields of agriculture and processed products.

MoU further describes that both parties fully utilize the years of experience accumulated in the fields of agriculture and processed products, leveraged by the currently favorable bilateral business environment between China and Pakistan, to pledge to the project landing in Pakistan.

Henan Ruzhou Ideal Starch and KASB Corporation of Pakistan will work hard together to become the first successful potato deep processing project cooperation between China and Pakistan.


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Roquette Launches LYCAGEL Flex Hydroxypropyl Pea Starch Premix

May 14th 2024

Roquette elevates softgel technology with gelatin alternative capsules based on hydroxypropylated starch.

Roquette, a company involved in plant-based ingredients and a provider of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical excipients, has launched its new LYCAGEL Flex hydroxypropyl pea starch premix for nutraceutical and pharmaceutical softgel capsules.

Built on Roquette’s LYCAGEL pea starch technology, the new plasticizer-free excipient gives manufacturers freedom to select the optimal plasticizer combination and customize formulations for a range of production and end-user needs.

According to Roquette, LYCAGEL Flex represents “the ultimate solution for manufacturers seeking a quality, plant-based alternative to gelatin, with the added flexibility to handle a wide range of – often complex – soft capsule formulations.”

The new premix features the same hydroxypropyl pea starch and carrageenan foundation as the original LYCAGEL VS 720 Premix, with a new formula that allows producers to select the perfect plasticizer or combination of plasticizers for unique softgel formulations. Versatile and easy to use, LYCAGEL Flex offers countless opportunities to work with specialized capsule fills and process parameters to meet the demands of the evolving pharmaceutical and nutraceutical markets.

Lycagel Flex provides formulators with flexible alternatives to gelatin-based softgel capsules and taps into the demand for animal-free solutions.

“At Roquette, our guiding purpose is to solve the toughest challenges in drug delivery,” comments Steve Amoussou-Guenou, Technical Developer Manager Europe at Roquette. “This can take many forms; with the development of our LYCAGEL VS 720 Premix, the primary goal was to provide softgel producers with a high-quality ready-to-use alternative to gelatin. Now, as vegan capsules become more established, we recognize that our customers need greater control to customize their formulations. LYCAGEL Flex is the answer, offering the same stability and performance with the added flexibility to differentiate.”

LYCAGEL Flex offers softgel producers a plant-based solution that not only replaces gelatin, but equally offers significant process benefits. These include a reduced degassing time of just five minutes, versus the minimum 60 required for gelatin formulations, and the potential for easy equipment cleaning with only hot water.

Looking beyond the production line, the new premix delivers strong performance and stability throughout a product’s shelf life. Upon testing, capsules produced using LYCAGEL Flex maintained a clear, shiny appearance and optimal hardness with no sticking or seal leakage following six months of storage at 40° C and 75% relative humidity (RH). With no significant increase in disintegration time or water content after months in storage, the capsules did not display crosslinking, demonstrating their ability to maintain the same mechanical strength and capsule integrity at day 180, as they had directly after the production process.


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Starch Pros Is Hiring

May 07th 2024

The Starch Pros team is looking for colleagues to help us with our starch projects.

It goes without saying that we are looking for experienced team players that have 10+ years of experience in the starch industry. Preferable in a starch production environment.

Do you have experience in starch its basic research, applications, production and modification processes, quality and/or customers, then contact us in order to see how we can come to a better introduction to one another.

Preferably we are looking for colleagues that speak English fluently, have academic qualifications and are willing to be based in our hub in Western Europe, more in particular in The Netherlands or Belgium.

So when you are the starch specialist, starch chemist, starch technologist or starch engineer, please send us your resume and your ‘resume of skills’ to with Starch Specialist in the subject line.

We are looking forward meeting you!!

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Futerro And Tereos Partner On Production Of Wheat Based PLA

April 11th 2024

Tereos and Futerro team up to produce bioplastic from wheat-based dextrose.

Futerro, a Belgian pioneer and leader in the production of lactic acid, lactide and polylactic acid – PLA – and Tereos, a cooperative group active in the sugar, ethanol and starch markets, have signed a supply agreement that paves the way for the creation of a new biomanufacturing platform. Under the agreement, Tereos undertakes to supply Futerro annually with 150,000 tonnes of dextrose derived from wheat starch produced at its Lillebonne plant, which Futerro will use to produce various bio-based platform molecules and PLA at the new biorefinery it plans to construct. The project will be located in the industrial-port area of Port-Jérôme-Sur-Seine. The integrated plant, with a projected initial capacity of 75,000 per annum, will go into operation in 2027.

The Tereos plant in Lillebonne processes more than 800,000 tonnes of French wheat per year. To meet the agreed volume of dextrose, some €30 million will soon be invested in adapting the production facilities.

“Tereos is the third-biggest producer of starch products in Europe. Our expertise in maximising the value of plant-based raw materials such as wheat means that we produce quality dextrose. This partnership with Futerro heralds the creation of a new industrial sector around green chemistry and strengthens our position in this market of the future,” said Olivier Leducq, managing director of Tereos.

This kind of short supply chain, combined with local production, offers environmental benefits in terms of logistics and the optimum utilisation of agricultural by-products.

A pipeline system will connect the two neighbouring plants, optimising dextrose logistics. Futerro currently estimates that nearly 50% of its logistics flows will avoid road transport.

An estimated 1,150 jobs will be created along the new value chain between the two companies, 250 directly and 900 indirectly.

“This strategic alliance highlights the crucial role of green chemistry as a driving force for innovation. Thanks to the support of our partners, we believe our biorefinery project will make a significant contribution to a positive transition for the sector, the Normandy basin and France as a whole. It builds on efforts to address the environmental and economic challenges that have affected the sector for many years”, said Frédéric Van Gansberghe, CEO of Futerro.

Futerro constructed its first lactic acid polymerisation demonstration plant in Belgium in 2007. The company opened its industrial PLA production unit, with a production capacity of 100,000 tonnes per year, in China in 2021. Its PLA is sold in the market under the Renew brand name. Futerro has developed technologies covering the entire PLA supply chain, from the fermentation of dextrose into lactic acid, to the polymerisation into PLA and finally end-of-life management via its patented molecular recycling technology known as Loopla.

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3 Killed, 1 Injured In Blast At Cassava Starch Factory

April 05th 2024

3 Killed, 1 injured in blast at cassava starch factory.

The explosion happened around midnight Thursday due to an electrical short circuit in the facility’s packaging room.

Three people were killed in a blast at a cassava starch factory, according to Phạm Tấn Lợi, head of the Tân Châu District Division of Labour, Invalids, and Social Affairs, during a press briefing on Friday.

One person sustained mild injuries and is currently receiving medical treatment.

The explosion occurred around midnight on Thursday due to an electrical short circuit in the facility’s packaging room.

The scene of the accident at Trường Thịnh Co Ltd’s factory in Tân Châu District of Tây Ninh Province. — Photo

The technical malfunction resulted in the explosion of the starch pipeline, causing heavy equipment to strike four workers in the room at the time.

They were rushed to the emergency department at Chợ Rẫy Hospital, a major central medical facility in HCM City, but unfortunately succumbed to their injuries on Friday afternoon.

Autopsies were conducted, and the bodies have been handed over to their respective families for funeral arrangements. Local authorities have also visited the families to offer condolences.

The police are conducting a follow-up investigation at the accident scene.


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Unilever Seeks Kenyan Partner In New Corn Starch Production Venture

March 19th 2024

Unilever seeks Kenyan partner in new corn starch production venture.

British multinational fast-moving consumer goods company, Unilever Plc has moved to revive a local corn starch production venture as part of its localisation strategy aimed at cutting raw material costs to shore up margins that are under pressure on the slowing detergents business in the East and West African region.

Ben Lang’at, the company’s executive vice-president in charge of the East and West African region said the corn starch production plan is at an advanced stage and discussions are ongoing to get into a joint venture with an undisclosed company.

Corn starch, an extract from maize grains, is a common food ingredient, often used to thicken sauces or soups and to make corn syrup and other sugars. It is also a component of many cosmetics and oral pharmaceutical products. It has been used as a lubricant in surgical gloves.

“Kenya produces a lot of maize, these (corn starch) are not the type of things that we should be importing, so we need to work on this and also focus on localising our raw materials in all aspects,” Mr Lang’at said in an interview.

“We need to make sure that this kind of raw materials (corn starch) that are common to our base products like Royco are available locally. So we are working with different partnerships to ensure that that happens. It (joint venture deal) is quite in an advanced stage,” he said in an interview.

Unilever currently offers a wide range of products in various categories, including beauty and wellness, personal care, home care, nutrition, and ice cream products.

However, the market for home care products— including laundry and washing detergents—in the East and West African region is facing headwinds as a result of the proliferation of cheap imports, forex shortage, and civil conflicts in some economies.

Unilever Kenya is looking at the new line of business as a fresh stream of revenues as well as an opportunity to create an alternative market for maize grain for Kenyan farmers.

The proposed wet milling operations will produce sweeteners, corn starch, and corn syrups. “You know Kenya used to have a company that was producing corn starch, those kind of things are the things we need to really work to make sure that they are there. It (corn refining company) was there and it went out, I don’t know what happened,” Lang’at said.

“We will continue focusing on local sourcing to ensure that we have a sustainable business. Localisation is very big for us,” he added.

Corn Products Kenya Limited (CPC), a local subsidiary of an American grocery products company CPC International Inc. shut down its Eldoret-based plant in July 2012, after close to four decades of operation, citing rising operational costs, competitive environment, and the influx of cheap imports.

More than 500 workers who depended on the company directly and indirectly were rendered redundant.

Before its closure, CPC was buying over 15,000 bags of maize from farmers every month.

The National Cereals and Produce Board has been facing challenges of inadequate budgetary allocation to purchase maize from farmers, most of whom have opted to sell the grains to private millers and traders who offer better prices and prompt payment.

Kenya’s annual maize requirement is estimated at 52 million bags to cater for human consumption, the manufacture of livestock feeds, seed multiplication, and the manufacture of other products.

Unilever is keen to grow and expand its Kenyan market with hopes of transforming the country into a sourcing hub of its other regional markets in East and West Africa.

“Kenya is one of our best markets where we still have a full range of offerings that have had strong performance in the last few years,” Lang’at said. “The plans that we have for Kenya, first, is to grow the business significantly. There is room for expansion. There is room for us to execute even more strongly than we are doing right now; that is to expand our route to market and ensure that we have innovations that are relevant.


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Almex Invests 3.5 mln Euro In Starch Factory

March 18th 2024

Serbia’s Almex invests 3.5 mln euro in Jabuka starch factory.

Serbia company Almex invested 3.5 million euro in the automation of production at its Jabuka starch factory in the central city of Pancevo, the economy ministry said.

The economy ministry is providing 701,135 euro in incentives for the investment project, economy minister Slobodan Cvetkovic said in a press release last week.

According to the Serbian business registry, Almex is controlled by Miroslav and Srdjan Aleksa, who own 60% and 40% of the company. It was established in May 1992.


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New Initiative For Commercial Dialdehyde Starch Production

March 12th 2024

Tony Starch, a division of Rodenburg, is realising a pilot plant to test and produce DAS.

Rodenburg Tony Starch is hiring. For example a starch specialist. See: .


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Ingredion Is Granted Patent For Recycling Sodium Sulfate In Starch Process

March 05th 2024

Ingredion gets grant for system and method for recycling sodium sulfate in starch process.

Ingredion has patented a system for treating process water from starch processing by recycling a concentrated sodium sulfate solution. The system includes a membrane bioreactor, cationic ion exchange unit, and high pressure filtration unit with a molecular weight cut off of less than 200 Da.

A recently granted patent (Publication Number: US11884568B2) discloses a system and method for treating process water from a starch process containing sodium sulfate. The system includes a membrane bioreactor unit to reduce the chemical oxygen content of the process water, a cationic ion exchange unit to receive the permeate, and a high-pressure filtration unit to concentrate sodium sulfate in the permeate to obtain a solution with high sodium sulfate content for recycling back into the starch process. The high-pressure filtration unit has a molecular weight cut off of less than 200 Da, ensuring efficient concentration of sodium sulfate.

Furthermore, the method outlined in the patent involves treating the process water in a membrane bioreactor unit, followed by treatment in a cationic ion exchange unit, and concentration of sodium sulfate in a high-pressure filtration unit to obtain a concentrated solution for recycling. The method also includes steps to reduce the chemical oxygen demand of the process water and discharge a permeate with low sodium sulfate content. The patent highlights the importance of recycling sodium sulfate into the starch processing process multiple times, with specific parameters such as operating temperature and pH range provided for optimal performance. Additionally, variations in the molecular weight cut off of the high-pressure filter are mentioned, emphasizing the flexibility of the system and method.


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Starch Events 2024

February 06th 2024

Starch Events 2024.

12th Starch Value Chain Asia
February 27-29 2024
Vientiane, Laos

75th Starch Convention
April 09-10 2024
Detmold, Germany

Starch Expo 2024
June 19-21 2024
Shanghai, China

7th EU Starch Value Chain Europe
October 2024
Location to be determined

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