Kröner-Stärke Promotes Chemical-Free Specialist Starches

January 18th 2017

Kröner-Stärke promotes chemical-free specialist starches.

In 2017, leading German wheat starch producer for the food, non-food and animal feed sectors, KRÖNER-STÄRKE, is aiming to meet industry demand for chemical-free production with its extensive, totally natural, pre-gelatinised starches range.

One of the most functional characteristics of pre-gelatinized starches is their ability to naturally bind substances without any chemical additives. This makes them an ideal natural binding agent for any manufacturer wishing to improve the environmentally-friendly or clean-label credentials of its products, whilst also benefiting from superior binding properties.

Producers in the food sector are currently experiencing a huge growth in demand from consumers for clean-label, chemical and additive free products. As part of its 2017 strategy, KRÖNER-STÄRKE has developed a versatile choice of cold swelling pre-gelatinised starches which offer the food sector superior water-binding capacity, give a stable viscosity, allow for lump-free mixing and effectively stabilise batters, dough and emulsions.

Ideally suited for bakery applications, the starches also serve to increase water absorption and increase dough hydration. Ultimately, they can help to extend the shelf life and freshness of a plethora of baked goods with advantages to both the consumer and to manufacturers’ profits.

One of KRÖNER-STÄRKE’S pre-gelatinized cold-water swelling wheat starches includes WETGEL. Its flaky structure, excellent cold-water swelling properties and ability to bind large amounts of liquid associated with dispersion properties make it a very efficient functional ingredient. It is particularly well-suited for application in delicatessen products, fruit preparations, juice binders, cake fillings, dietetic food, baked goods or vegetarian burgers. As a variance the product is also available as a powder or once combined with sugar, as a not too sweet and adhesive topping for products such as Stollen.

As a committed organic supplier, KRÖNER-STÄRKE takes responsibility for the whole lifecycle of its products, from the sowing and growing of the grain in the fields through to the processing and distribution of the finished product. Indeed, its core business philosophy is to harness the power of nature in order to turn grain into a multi-functional ingredient ideal for making environmentally sound and healthier products without sacrificing quality or revenues.

The firm’s team of dedicated sector specialists and food technologists create individual solutions for its customers and guarantee products of the highest quality. It can supply a wide range of pregelatinised, organic, gluten-free flours and starches for use across a wide range of foods including processed meats, soups and sauces, baked goods and battered products.

Having a reputation for technical excellence in new product development, KRÖNER-STÄRKE’S flours and starches can improve both the functionality and environmental credentials of products across sectors as diverse as food, fertilizers, animal feed, corrugated board, coal briquettes and adhesives.


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