Avebe To Build New Innovation Centre

July 01st 2016

Avebe Confirm Plans to Build New Innovation Centre at Groningen University.

Avebe, Groningen University and project developer Triade, have confirmed that a brand new innovation centre complete with a laboratory, pilot factory, office and a client innovation centre, will be built at the Zernike complex in Groningen. Agreements on cooperation in the area of research and education have also been reached.

Ed Kraaijenzank, Finance Director of Avebe, explained: “By joining knowledge within Avebe and seeking cooperation with an important party such as the University of Groningen, we are able to make big strides when it comes to innovation. Due to the commitment from the Provincial Executive and the local authority we can do it in our own region! The new innovation centre will also provide the opportunity of showing our knowledge to our purchasers; it is a wonderful calling card for Avebe and for the region – it’s something to be proud of.”

Jan de Jeu, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of Groningen University, added, “At the Zernike Campus, centre of the agrofood knowledge infrastructure in the north of the Netherlands, Avebe is able to innovate together with scientists from Groningen University and other businesses in the sector. More intensive cooperation with Avebe will lead to more research. Avebe’s wish to have direct contact with students and doctoral candidates from various faculties makes it more attractive to study here.”

Besides room for offices and research, the new complex will also have room for start-ups. This offers students and innovators the opportunity to develop their own initiatives. The new site will also provide room for 100 Avebe employees in R&D and Marketing.

The actual move is planned for the end of 2017.


Source: http://www.avebe.com/news/avebe-innovation-centre-to-groningen/

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