Avebe Rolls Out New Branding

July 15th 2015

Avebe rolls out new branding.

Dutch potato optimisation specialist Avebe, which gets the most out of the starch, protein and fiber in the pototo, has unveiled a new logo that marks a new phase in its development.

The organisation has been in development for nearly 100 years; not always to become more or bigger, but always to be better, it says. In the past the central focus was on extracting starch from potatoes, but following innovative developments, proteins for the food industry now take up an important position. Yet Avebe believes there is more.

An Avebe spokesperson told FoodIngredientsFirst: “Our mission is to extract all value from the potato. We are constantly investing in knowledge and skills to extract this value. An example is our potato protein Solanic for human consumption. But also process optimization, which allows us to produce cleaner and more sustainable, is important in this optimization process.

“We invest in know-how to create sustainable solutions for today’s customer demands to help our customers to make a difference in the market. Again, an example here is our potato protein Solanic. With our vegetable protein we respond to a growing demand for high quality proteins. And for example our Etenia brand can be used to replace gelatin.”

During the coming period the company will continue to work on further innovation and development in order to extract maximum value from potatoes. Achieving optimum returns for its members is always at the heart of the operations.

“We are always busy developing new potato based solutions,” said Avebe. “At Food Ingredients Europe, next December in Paris, we will show some new concepts.”

The company says that all of this requires a new house style that will be rolled out gradually worldwide. A symbol to show where Avebe is heading without losing sight of its roots.


Source: http://www.avebe.com/news/

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