ADM Continues To Expand Starch Business

July 27th 2016

ADM Continues to Expand Starch Business with New Products.

Continuing to expand its starch portfolio, Archer Daniels Midland Company is introducing ADM Confectionery Moulding Starch, a new line of starches that will offer high food-grade quality moulding capabilities to confectionary and gummy customers.

“ADM is already a leading provider of starch products for the paper and corrugated cardboard industries, where customers have come to know our high-quality products, our unparalleled supply chain reach, and our superb customer service,” said Kris DiTommaso, vice president, ADM’s starch business. “We are excited to offer our confectionary and gummy customers a high-quality moulding medium that will be available in non-GMO formulations for their molten and hot candy application needs.”

ADM Confectionary Moulding Starch products will be starch-based with added mineral or high stability vegetable oil to allow the product to accept and hold impressions. Advantages for customers include: • High food-grade quality, • Non-GMO options • Decreased drying times and • Ability to accept high quality imprintation (including shapes and letters).



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