Loryma Unveils Formula For Plant-Based Bacon

April 19th 2021

Germany’s Loryma unveils formula for plant-based bacon.

German ingredients manufacturer Loryma, the brand of the Crespel & Deiters Group, has unveiled a new wheat-based formula dubbed the Lory Bind’s functional starch blends that replicates bacon’s mouthfeel and sensory characteristics.

The new plant-based bacon concept uses a combination of a wheat-based Lory Bind binding component and a bacon spice blend.

Loryma explained that the wheat-based binder when prepared in a pan behaves like its traditional meat counterpart; becoming crispy on the outside while retaining a delicate, fibrous texture.

The plant-based concept can be used in the same manner as traditional bacon and a variety of foodservice, catering, or convenience applications.

The Lory Bind’s functional starch blends are odorless and neutral in taste, making them suitable for many vegan and vegetarian meat alternatives

According to Henrik Hetzer, managing director of Loryma, the raw materials combine naturalness with maximum functionality. He added that the product helps create products that perfectly meet the current consumer trend for meat-free convenience foods.

Source: https://www.foodingredientsfirst.com/news/loryma-develops-new-formula-for-authentic-wheat-based-vegan-bacon.html

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