Pakistan Packaging Maker To Engage Into Starch Business

April 27th 2021

Packages Limited approves plans to form company for corn-based starch.

Packages Limited has approved a plan to form a specialized subsidiary for the production of corn-based starch, a bio-based alternative to conventional packaging material such as plastic. The board of directors has approved the plan for investment.

Through a statement to the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX), Packages Limited said that its board has approved the formation of wholly-owned subsidiary, which will be engaged in the business of manufacturing and distributing corn-based and its derivative products. The plan and approval is subjected to all applicable regulatory approvals.

Due to the negative environmental impacts of synthetic plastics, the development of biodegradable plastics for both industrial and commercial applications became essential. Researchers have developed various starch-based composites for different applications.

The present work investigates the corn and rice starch-based bioplastics for packaging applications with improved hydrophilicity, thermogravimetric, and sealing properties of bioplastic. The results show the suitability of rice and corn-based thermoplastic starch for packaging applications.


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