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September 17th 2019

Starch conferences in Q4 2019.

October 16-18, 2019, in Copenhagen, Denmark

CMT’s 4th Starch World EUROPE brings to market a line up of authoritative panel of experts sharing their views and updates on the industry.

Key highlights:

• Beyond Starch: challenging times for EU starch producers but opportunities in the EU bioeconomy and protein plans
• EU market for plant proteins : food market segments and outlook
• Commercializing your protein: functionality versus value
• Production of Food Proteins from Carbohydrate Crops with Fermentation Technology
• Masking off notes in plant protein with novel fermentation solution
• EU Novel Food Regulation in connection with new protein ingredients
• Outlook for EU starch: crops, products and trade
• Creating new value from side stream potato starch
• CRISPR-Cas9 technique for sustainable production of potato starch
• Going back to basics – rice flour vs rice starch with focus on applications
• Organic starch market
• Trend in paper markets, production process & implications for starch suppliers
• Biobased and compostable thermoplastic resins made from different starches
• Natural specialty flours & functional applications
• Innovations to meet consumers’ healthy demand for clean label and sugar reduction
• Starch taste: oral digestion, sensory perception, and transduction mechanisms
• Healthy diet and a shared value food system – The case with Matooke (green banana) flour

Network with: Starch, fibre, protein manufacturers from agriculture raw materials, farming corporations, sugar producers, distillers, Suppliers of enzymes, yeast, fermentation, Food ingredients suppliers, Endusers of starch & starch derivatives – food, textiles, paper, petfood, pharmaceutical industries, ethanol producers, fertilizer suppliers, equipment & technology suppliers.

November 19-20, 2019, in Moscow, Russia

“Graintek” – the first in Russia specialized Forum on grain processing, industrial biotechnology and bioeconomy with production of gluten, starches and its derivatives, including glucose and fructose syrups, bioplastics (PDO, succinic, lactic and other organic acids) and other value added fermentation products from starch (glucose).

Some topics for discussion:

• Global trend: Biotechnology in grain processing and the production of “green” chemicals as value added fermentation products.
• Engineering, construction and operation of plants for grain processing.
• High value added products from starch and glucose as feedstock: organic acids, bioplastics and chemicals.
• Lysine and other aminoacids: production in Russia.
• Renewable chemistry in the chemical and oil industry.
• Case study: grain processing projects in Russia.
• Starches and wheat gluten: production, usage and marketing of native and modified starches.
• Glucose and glucose-fructose syrups: production, application and marketing. Domestic market perspectives.

This annual Forum & Exhibition is the premier event for any organization involved in the rapidly maturing industrial biotechnology & grain processing markets in Russia and in neighboring countries. This event provides valuable insight into today’s most effective, innovative and profitable portfolio of grain processing opportunities as well as latest trends in value-added fermentation products.

Source: https://www.cmtevents.com/aboutevent.aspx?ev=191027& and http://www.graintek.org/events/1080/

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