Tate & Lyle Opens CO2 Efficient Plant After $60 Million Investment

February 23rd 2017

Tate & Lyle celebrates completion of major energy efficiency and CO2e reduction project in Tennessee.

Tate & Lyle PLC has opened its new co-generation plant at its corn wet milling facility in Loudon, Tennessee.

The new natural gas-fired combined heat and power system, representing a US$ 60 million investment by Tate & Lyle, will significantly improve energy and operational efficiency at the Loudon facility, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 50%. Tate & Lyle’s global CO2e emissions will also be reduced by around 10% as a result of this investment.

The natural gas for the combined heat and power system will be supplied through a new dedicated pipeline which, as well as meeting Tate & Lyle’s energy needs, will provide the wider area with additional natural gas capacity to support local economic development efforts.

Vicky Bullivant, Vice President, Sustainability, Tate & Lyle said: “This is one of the largest carbon reduction projects carried out by Tate & Lyle, and clearly demonstrates our strong commitment to reducing our impact on the environment. This major investment reduces Tate & Lyle’s global CO2e emissions by around 10%, providing a step-change in our global carbon footprint.”

Gerry Schlueter, Plant Manager, Loudon, Tate & Lyle added: “We’ve been working closely with the community and our local and state governmental representatives from the outset of this project, and I would like to thank them for their support.”

“This major investment has big wins for both Tate & Lyle and the local community. Tate & Lyle reduces its environmental footprint at the Loudon facility by nearly 50%, which benefits the local community, and the new pipeline will supply extra natural gas capacity to the wider area providing support for local economic development,” he explains.


Source: http://mediacentre.tateandlyle.com/

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