Loryma Launches E number-free Adhesion Starch

June 07th 2023

Native wheat starch Lory® Starch Saphir pure optimises coating stability.

The clean-label, wheat-derived, native adhesion starch from food ingredients specialist Loryma stands out from other such products on the market because it is not modified and does not need an E number. Thanks to an innovative production process, Lory® Starch Saphir pure is as efficient as conventional modified starches, and provides optimum adhesion properties for all types of substrate coatings.

By simply declaring it as “wheat starch”, the adhesion starch meets current consumer preference for an easy-to-understand ingredient list without E numbers. This product is a superior version of Lory® Starch Saphir and replaces it in the Loryma range.

Lory® Starch Saphir pure has excellent adhesion properties and forms vapour permeable films. This allows steam to escape through the coating, which binds optimally to various substrates such as meat, fish or plant-based alternatives. There are also no air bubbles or crumbling of the coating. Used as a functional ingredient in batter and tempura or as a pre-dust, Lory® Starch Saphir pure provides a crispy surface while reducing fat absorption in the fryer. The wheat starch itself is neutral in taste and has a low viscosity, making it easy to use.

Dr Markus Wydra, Head of Research & Development Starches & Proteins at the Crespel & Deiters Gorup, was involved in product development and explains: “Until now, manufacturers have had no choice but to forego the use of adhesion starches and their associated benefits if they wanted to declare their product free of E numbers. With the introduction of Lory® Starch Saphir pure, however, we have developed a highly functional wheat-based solution that contributes significantly to a perfectly crisp breading.”

Source: https://crespeldeitersgroup.com/news/loryma-launches-e-number-free-adhesion-starch/

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