Ingredion Launches Corn-Based Clean Label Starch For Reduced Fat And Indulgent Textures

May 14th 2019

Ingredion introduces new clean label starch to reduce fat and build indulgent textures.

Global ingredient solutions provider Ingredion has added a functional native starch to its portfolio of clean and simple co-texturisers with the launch of NOVATION® Indulge 2920 starch. The new product is a corn-based starch which can support lower-fat and lower-calorie products and the production of foods with a healthier profile.

Supporting a clean label, NOVATION® Indulge 2920 starch enables food producers to improve mouthfeel by offering the same functionality as a modified starch while replacing or reducing ingredients such as fat and oil.

Available in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, NOVATION® Indulge 2920 can be used across a range of savoury and dairy products from soups and sauces to dairy desserts and dairy drinks. It offers a consumer-friendly ingredient listing of ‘starch’ (or ‘cornflour’ in the UK). It can also enable cost savings by replacing raw ingredients such as fat and oil without compromising texture.

Mona Schmitz-Hübsch, the regional Senior Marketing Manager for Clean and Simple Ingredients, said: “In recent years, government measures and guidelines across countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa have been introduced to improve the nutritional profiles of foods. In regions where fat reduction is a priority, NOVATION® Indulge 2920 starch can help manufacturers achieve this.

“These changes have boosted consumer awareness of the need for improved nutrition and they are increasingly looking for on-pack claims such as ‘fat-reduced’ or ‘low-in-fat’. NOVATION® Indulge 2920 can enable manufacturers to create such products without compromising quality, sensory appeal or eating experience. It can also enhance the indulgence texture of existing clean label products without adding more ingredients.
“Food producers can use this new co-texturiser to innovate in clean and simple products while getting their products to market quickly and successfully. Reformulating existing products featuring a similar corn-based starch with NOVATION® Indulge 2920 removes the need to change the label, which can improve speed to market.”

Other production benefits include the ingredient’s functionality in low-shear instant applications and throughout broad processes from low shear to cold process. In addition, NOVATION® Indulge 2920 starch is agglomerated, making it easier to disperse. This also brings the potential to reduce the volume of dust typically generated by fine powders during the manufacturing process.


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