Ingredion Expands Portfolio With New Potato Starches

July 19th 2018

Ingredion expands processed cheese ingredient offerings with new potato starches.

Ingredion has added three functional potato starches to its processed cheese ingredient portfolio, giving manufacturers greater functionality and choice. CheeseApp 50, 70 and 80 enable recipe cost savings in processed analogue block cheeses while delivering the appealing texture and sensory qualities consumers crave, according to the company.

This is the first time Ingredion has brought potato-based starches to the processed cheese market, bringing its total portfolio of solutions to 12. With the addition of the three CheeseApp starches, food producers can improve the meltability, firmness and gratability of the analogue block and block processed cheeses for applications including pizza toppings, processed cheese slices and individually wrapped slices.

Available in the UK, Ireland, Turkey, Africa and the Middle East, the CheeseApp range is also suitable for vegan and vegetarian cheeses, enabling manufacturers to tap into new and growing consumer trends.

The three potato starches give strong gelling capacity or melting and can be listed as “modified starch” on the label. Based on potato, they deliver a neutral taste that makes them suitable for a broad range of applications, according to Ingredion.

CheeseApp 50 modified potato starch provides firmness and strong gelling, while CheeseApp 70 provides a soft texture and perfect melt for pizza shreds and cheese slices. CheeseApp 80 can be used alone to give processed and analogue block cheese a low firmness and good melting behavior.

These potato-based starches are easy to use and incorporate into formulations, gelatinizing even at low processing temperatures and shear with improved meltability and extended texture stability
over shelf life.

This portfolio extension follows Ingredion’s announcement of its strategic alliance with potatobased starch and fiber manufacturer Lyckeby in September 2017. These CheeseApp products are some of the first Ingredion has made available to its customer base following the agreement.


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