Industry In Cuban Central Province Guarantees Corn Starch For National Demand

August 08th 2023

Industry in Cuban central province guarantees corn starch for national demand.

The 44-year-old company Producing and Commercializing Glucose, Starch and Corn Derivatives (GydeMa) in the province of Cienfuegos, the only one of its kind in Cuba, has over-fulfilled its production plan until the month of July, in the fundamental items destined for social consumption.
Joel Portell del Sol, general director of that entity, told the Cuban News Agency that at that stage they produced 2,560 tons of corn starch, of which 65 % of these production levels are destined for state orders, including medical diets for children with celiac disease and other types of illnesses.
They also pay taxes to children’s hospitals; to dairy companies for the production of ice cream and processed cheese; to meat companies for the production of sausages; and to the confectionery and canning industries.

Among the assortments of this entity of continuous processes, and with taxation to all Cuban provinces, there are also custards, baking powder, panettone mix, arepas and syrup.
Portell del Sol indicated that this volume implied a 102 % execution of the commitment for the first seven months of the year, while the income behaved at 117.9 %.
The plant, with technology from several countries of the former European socialist bloc, presents a great technological obsolescence, and has never undergone an investment process, since it is maintained by the efforts of its 250 men and women, who develop the repairs with their own inventiveness.
Conceived by the idea of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz, the former Glucose Factory, now Gydema, is part of the Labiofam Group, and belongs to the Ministry of Agriculture.


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