GPC Announce Launch of Allergen Free and Non-GMO Tapioca-Based Product Line

June 15th 2017

GPC Announce Launch of Allergen Free and Non-GMO Tapioca-Based Product Line

MALTRIN tapioca maltodextrin and tapioca syrup solids (MALTRIN T-Series) are the newest additions to Grain Processing Corporation’s marketed MALTRIN line of ingredients.

The products are sourced from 100% tapioca, making them Non-GM by origin, and are
manufactured with an all-enzyme, demineralized process. MALTRIN tapioca maltodextrins and tapioca syrup solids are allergen free and Cronobacter free, which makes them ideal for infant nutrition formulations among numerous other applications. These new tapioca-based products can also help with clean label requirements for many customers.

High-quality MALTRIN tapioca maltodextrins and tapioca syrup solids can be used in a wide array of applications to add body and improve mouthfeel, aid in plating or spray drying and even help stabilize product formulations. With our broad product line, the application opportunities are nearly endless.

MALTRIN tapioca maltodextrins and tapioca syrup solids inhibit sugar crystallization, improve the chewiness of soft candies and gummies and lengthen the shelf life of hard candies by inhibiting cold flow. They are also effective binders in direct compression candy tablet applications.

Frozen Applications
MALTRIN T-Series products are effective cryoprotectants that control ice crystal formation in a number of frozen food applications, from desserts to savory meals. They add body and mouthfeel without excessive sweetness or freezing point depression and help stabilize texture.

Nutritional Formulations
MALTRIN T-Series products provide a clean-label source of soluble carbohydrate with a neutral flavor profile and low osmolality. They are a great fit for nutritional beverages, bars and, since they are Cronobacter free, even infant formulas. They add body to improve mouthfeel, moderate sweetness and demonstrate clarity in both prepared and dry mix beverages. In bars and snacks, they provide and maintain a chewy texture over the product’s shelf life.

Spray Drying Aids and Carriers
Low hygroscopicity, neutral flavor, high solubility and ease of drying make T-Series products ideal for spray drying almost anything from flavors to dairy products to colors and fruit juices. They are also extremely effective carriers for high-intensity sweeteners, gums, spices and seasonings.


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