Gigantic Washing Line For Potato Starch Producer

February 04th 2021

Gigantic Tummers washing line for Danish potato starch producer.

The results of a Tummers starch production line at a Danish starch factory are right to be called astonishing! Between September and December last year, this process line consisting of four of their biggest washing installations ran 10 hours a day, washing a mind-blowing 700,000 tonnes of potatoes.

Also, the expected yield of 130,000 tonnes of starch per season was easily exceeded by an astonishing 174,000 tonnes. A result to be proud of!

Prior to the mashing and drying of potatoes during potato starch production, their Destoner/washers receive the potatoes in order to clean them thoroughly.

The record breaking KW800-models which are running at the Danish potato starch factory are the biggest ones of their kind. These highly efficient washing machines run up to 175 tonnes per hour and are particularly known for their low-maintenance and user-friendly design.

Washing is an important step in obtaining a perfect end product. Based on many years of experience, Tummers washing systems are designed for excellent cleaning with gentle product handling and a minimal use of water.

The innovative, high-capacity destoner/washer combines the latest expertise in washing technology and was developed for 24/7 industrial use.

Source: Tummers Food Processing Solutions

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