5th EU Starch Value Chain

June 22nd 2022

5th EU Starch Value Chain, 27-28 Sep, 2022 – Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

At this conference following topics are being presented (with named presenter, position and company name):

EU starch industry outlook for 2023 – Staying resilient and competitive in challenging times
Jamie Fortescue, Managing Director
Starch Europe

Update and results on the Crispr short chain amylopectin potato project
Mathias Samuelsson, Head of Sales and Development
Lyckeby Starch AB

Generating wheat material with a low acrylamide-forming potential using CRISPR/Cas9
Prof. Nigel Halford, Principal Research Scientist
Rothamsted Research

Soluble dextrin fibre – new functional carbohydrates from potato starch
Prof. Dr. Janusz Kapusniak, Vice President
European Polysaccharide Network of Excellence

Update on Omnia’s new starch and maltodextrine plan
Koen Homburg, Commercial & Technical Director
Omnia Europe

Circular economy in sweeteners refining with Closed-Loop IEX
Peter van Iperen, Food Process Director
SUEZ Water Technologies and Solutions

Extraction of starch from mung bean & applications
Andre Heilemann, Director R&D
Emsland-Stärke Gmbh

Natural clean label thickener with high fiber content
Aleksandra Wielguszewska, Business Development Manager

Germinated bean to increase potential of fava beans & its food applications
Marjut Lamminaho, Innovation & Food
Sprau® / Viking Malt Oy

The plant protein revolution: Does it all add up? A hard look at the economics of carbohydrate and protein crops
Mr. Simon Bentley, Managing Director
Commoditia Ltd

Protein combinations for a tailored approach to texturates for meat & fish alternatives
Dr. Kerstin Burseg Head of Research & Product Development
GoodMills Innovation GmbH

Sustainable production of protein concentrates for dairy applications
Janis Garancs, Managing Director
Aloja Starkelsen SIA

The promising future for fava ingredients
Gijs van Elst, Chief Innovation Officer
Meelunie B.V

Leveraging fermentation to develop clean label healthy fat for plant based dairy
Tomas Turner, CEO & Co-Founder
Cultivated Biosciences

Converting low-value ag byproducts into high-value alternative meats
Mr. Paul Shapiro, CEO & Co-founder
The Better Meat Co.

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