Kröner-Stärke Launches Native Starches For Fried Foods

September 09th 2017

For a better batter: Kröner-Stärke launches native starches for fried foods.

Kröner-Stärke has launched a range of native wheat-based starches, including organic and gluten-free, for clean label battered and breaded products.

The supplier said the starches could help manufacturers clean up the unhealthy image of breaded or battered foodstuffs and to formulate products that are rich texture and taste but contain no chemicals.
“Our starches offer the same functionality as traditional modified starches but without the negative health perceptions,” said Kröner-Stärke’s product development technician, Maren Wiese.
Sanostar is the gluten-free, organic starch that is hot swelling, that is additive and enzyme-free while Coastar is a wheatbased ready batter that is also free from egg and dairy proteins.
The starches can be used for meat, seafood and vegetables and are as functional in terms of adhesion, crispiness and coating stability as conventional starches.
“When used in a coating, they produce a protective film around the food which also inhibits the fat uptake when the
product is fried – meaning food processors can offer a healthier overall product to the convenience market,” the supplier said.
A spokesperson for the company said in order to ‘clean up’ the ingredient list, it removed E-numbers such as guar gum, a hydrocolloid, and chemically modified starches.
Gluten is removed from the gluten-free wheat starch using a physical, additive-free cleaning process that involves washing and separation.
The firm sells its clean label starches with a 40% mark-up compared to its standard wheat starch depending on the project and quantity purchased.
The Germany-based supplier said it was launching the product worldwide but with a particular commercial focus on Europe.


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