CPH Develops Starch-Based Labeling Adhesive

January 20th 2021

cph Deutschland Chemie, has developed a new labeling adhesive based on wastewater potato starch.

cph Deutschland Chemie, in partnership with Novidon, has developed Regain, a new labeling adhesive based on wastewater potato starch ideal for the food, and in particular for the beverage industry.

The production of fries, potato chips, and other potato products generates vast amounts of starch-containing wastewater. Novidon, known for its innovative starch technologies, part of the international Duynie Group, extracts starch as a co-product released during the production of potatoes into fries and chips.

While potatoes and potato starch are used for several applications, there are two ways to produce it. The first one is starch processed traditionally from the whole potato. The second one, a completely new route, is extracting the starch from process water of the production of crisps and fries. The latter is more sustainable and more attractive for cph as edibles are not being reused.

‘This is in line with our company philosophy. For more than four decades, we at cph, work hard on developing sustainable products for our clients. In 1983 we developed the first biodegradable labeling adhesive. We were the first company to offer labeling adhesives free of phenolic compounds, heavy metals, and formaldehyde. Besides, we have optimized our production and supply chain. For example, we are using rainwater for production and 100 percent green energy. Hence, our new product based on potato starch as a co-product released during the production of potato products is a great extension of our portfolio,’ said Dr Gerwin Schüttpelz, CEO of cph Deutschland Chemie.

Source: https://www.cph-group.com/en/2020/09/01/european-neighbourhood-partnership-sealed/

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